As an investment banker, do you know which services your clients value most? Which services your clients are willing to pay a premium to receive? These were some of the questions we asked when we surveyed fund managers and corporate executives in the United States and the United Kingdom to gauge their views on a range of services offered by investment banks.

Among the key findings in this year’s investment banking client survey:

  • Clients are generally satisfied. The vast majority of investment banking clients would recommend their main investment bank to others.
  • Risk management services are a priority for investment banking clients. These services include reporting, advice, tools, and specialized trades.
  • Basic services are still valued. Investment banking clients value basic trading services, execution performance and analytics, although this follows a five-year, low-volatility bull market in equities.
  • Provision of research is still central to investment banking relationships. Research remains a core product, although standard written reports are valued far less than access to analysts or corporate executives.
  • Asset manager clients value electronic trading. Most asset managers use electronic trading in addition to traditional channels, and often specifically to pay for research.
  • Opportunity for improvement of institutional client portals. About half of asset managers surveyed said their bank does not offer a website sufficiently useful for day-to-day communications.

Investment banking is entering a new phase—one where controlling costs remains an absolute priority, but so too does finding new areas of growth. Knowing what services clients expect is the first step for investment banks when setting their strategic direction.

Stay tuned for more in-depth analyses of our survey results in future reports. In the meantime, to read more about Accenture’s Investment Banking Survey overview, download: