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T+1 will be here sooner than you think. Get ready now.

The move to a T+1 settlement cycle in the US capital markets is now less than two years away. Currently being expected for Q3 of 2024, it’s a profound change that will see trades across several equity and fixed income products switch…

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Europe’s mass affluent market—a tough but rewarding nut to crack

European wealth management firms are being presented with a rare opportunity: the next wave of evolution and growth of the mass affluent market. While this could offer significant potential growth for these firms, realizing it will not be a simple matter. Clients…

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Why digital assets strategies are still needed

In recent weeks, an array of bad-news stories has led some commentators to predict the demise of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. These stories include the collapse of the algorithmic stablecoin USTC and its sister token LUNA—costing investors tens of billions of…

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Some thoughts on FinTok and financial education

Mortgages. Student loans. Tax allowances. Investment strategies. Credit card debt. Pensions. Buy-now-pay-later offers. When you’re fresh out of college and starting a new chapter, the world of financial services can be a very confusing place. One where, despite years of education in…

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A fresh perspective on Asia Wealth Management

There is no doubt that Asia could offer great growth opportunities in wealth management—for both local players and international firms. Just consider for a moment the economic strengths and dynamic developments across a variety of different countries and markets that are driving…

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Thoughts on key investment operations trends for 2022

These days, it’s almost a cliché to say that the asset management industry is facing unprecedented change in scope, scale and pace. But there happens to be some truth in it. I believe that there are three interrelated drivers that account for…

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Testing your sustainability DNA

Leadership teams across Capital Markets increasingly hold responsible values and good environmental, social and governance (ESG) intentions. This is true not only for many of the new products they develop but also for their own organizations, for very good reasons. However, some…

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Three ways to reduce attrition of HNW investors

Two striking statistics emerged from Accenture’s recent Wealth Management Consumer Report: Almost 90% of High Net Worth (HNW) investors from our survey with $10 million or more in personal wealth, felt the advice provided to them by their advisor was too generic.…

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How to serve clients across different wealth tiers

Over the past eighteen months, we’ve seen some of the biggest global players and mid-tier firms in wealth management announce major changes to their wealth strategies and operating models. The common theme? A partial or full merging of high-end private banking with…

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Three thoughts on the rise of retail investors

There’s an enormous wave of new investors who are currently changing the brokerage industry in the U.S. Last year alone, it’s estimated that one-third of the U.S. stock market trading was initiated by retail investors.1 In 2020, 15% of investors in the…

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