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AI in Asset Management

What Asset Managers need to get right with generative AI

Generative AI (gen AI) is predicted to impact over two-thirds of all functions across the capital markets industry1, suggesting that the technology has the potential to significantly transform all its segments—including asset management. Historically, asset management firms have commonly not been at…

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AI reinventing investment banking

Reinventing Investment Banking Operations with generative AI

In an earlier blog, I explored the scale, scope and interrelated nature of the industry-wide disruption facing all participants in today’s capital markets. I went on to argue that firms could only succeed in such an environment by adopting a new approach…

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GenAI Capital Markets

How generative AI will change the nature of work in capital markets

Generative AI (gen AI) is making headlines everywhere. It also comes up in almost every conversation I have with clients—regardless of who I’m talking to. That’s no surprise, given that gen AI is set to transform the end-to-end value chain for all…

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How DLT could help with green bonds

As world leaders gathered in Dubai for the COP28 summit last month, the battle against climate change has returned to the top of the public, political and business agendas. But whatever commitments were made by governments and corporations alike (e.g., around reducing…

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The battle for better: Mobile apps in wealth management

Our recently published Asia wealth management report focuses on two crucial areas for firms: relationship manager (RM) productivity, which my first blog examined; and the importance of mobile as a channel, which this blog covers. Let’s start with a sobering finding from…

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Could digital assets help expand capital raising?

At Accenture’s capital markets team, we’ve completed a research project into the future of capital raising. We discussed some of the findings at a breakfast during Sibos, and I thought, I would share some of the headlines in this blog. The results…

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How Gen AI can boost relationship managers’ productivity

Our recently published Asia wealth management report focuses on two major areas for firms: The importance of mobile as a channel that, our research shows, wealth management firms can greatly improve; and the evergreen—and so far unanswered—question of relationship manager (RM) productivity.…

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First base for your gen AI journey? Could be efficiency

In my previous blog in this short series on generative AI in capital markets, I gave my perspective on why gen AI is so game-changing for our industry. From the highest level, using gen AI to drive efficiencies could help firms to…

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The generative AI revolution in capital markets

Check out any news website these days, and you’re likely to see a story about generative AI. With OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard achieving rapid growth in users, there’s a widespread expectation that such tools will radically change how people worldwide live…

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Capital markets’ new performance frontier

Today, disruption is accelerating everywhere you look. The past three years have seen CEOs and leadership teams tested as never before, as they’ve had to navigate their organizations through multiple challenges ranging from a pandemic to supply chain dislocation, and from geopolitical…

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