I recently wrote about mobile first—how wealth management firms are turning to mobility as a key advisor tool. Mobility now underpins an active practice with an eye on changing client demands, as clients want more instant access to information, and we are seeing an increase in millennials in the wealth management space as clients.

When firms look to their mobility strategy – it is important to keep in mind that there are several flavors —namely phone and tablet. Each is an option for different types of client interactions. And each app your firm offers needs to be designed for the interface it should be used on. Is your app designed to play well on tablet or phone? The best tablet apps can be cumbersome on a smaller phone screen. Multi-device availability is not enough. Don’t neglect design. We all know mobile deposits are quick and easy on a smartphone. But, onboarding with long, cumbersome forms? Not so much; that is better suited to a tablet

The appeal of tablet is the convergence of advisor and client interactions – more landscape and predictive patterns on a tablet promote a more dynamic exchange at your client meetings. As such, we are seeing many firms replacing their entire advisor desktops with tablets.

For this reason, I am a big supporter of tablet-specific designs. We recommend that wealth management firms develop tablet-specific design sprints – instead of just leveraging their mobile designs for a tablet.  The interactions, landscape, predictive patterns and use cases should be tailored to a tablet if you want to get the most out of the technology.

If you are still limiting your advisors to phones and laptops, you may want to think about issuing tablets. They could work well whether showing returns via visuals or populating forms—and your clients have adopted them en masse. From support, to contact, to rich content, to self-service, mobility is key.

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