As the client’s first exposure to a firm, the onboarding process must be consciously planned and fully integrated across the entire client lifecycle.

Representing clients, advisors and the firm

To deliver an optimal onboarding experience, all groups—clients, advisors and the firm—must be represented during the design and delivery processes. Each group brings different expectations to the table.

Clients expect:

  • Relevant discussion and interaction.
  • Respect for their time.
  • Information sharing.
  • Straightforward orientation.

Advisors expect:

  • A predictable client experience.
  • Simple and streamlined processes.
  • Minimized administration.
  • Rapid asset acquisition.

The firm expects:

  • A predictable advisor experience.
  • Accurate information.
  • Proper supervision.
  • Thorough disclosure.

Perspective is key

To design an ideal onboarding experience, perspective is key. Onboarding should be focused on clients, facilitated by advisors and enabled by the firm. With this holistic approach, firms can design an optimal client experience—one with seamless transitions between sales conversations, account openings and ongoing relationship management.

To learn more, download Smarter Onboarding: The Key to Higher Client Retention and Cross-Sell (pdf; opens in a new window).

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