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In February 2019 Accenture acquired Orbium, a business and technology consultancy specializing in wealth management in Europe and Asia. At Orbium, our guiding principle remains to focus on what is most important to our clients – their success. This priority continues to guide us as we work with our clients to help them successfully transform their business and technology platforms to meet the unprecedented industry disruptions.

We also support industry dialogue and thought leadership, and have recently authored our latest Orbium Wealth Management Digest titled Accelerating to Future Success Models. The publication reflects a curated selection of short industry and technology perspectives and client case studies. It offers insights on how we have worked with some of our global and mid-tier clients to overcome industry challenges and capitalize on opportunities through supporting their business and technology transformations efforts.

We are pleased to share this with you and hope that it will provide some interesting perspectives, case studies and insights which could further inform your business and technology decisions and help you succeed in the fast-changing environment.

Further to this Digest, we will also shortly publish our signature Wealth Management C-Level Survey 2020, which is based on the views of top wealth management firms across Europe and Asia gathered through personal and online interviews. The survey has been co-created with industry executives to provide relevant and timely perspectives on what they believe will be the key themes and trends that will drive the evolution of the wealth management industry over the next five to ten years.

This survey will highlight where executives see their key opportunities and challenges and how they plan to respond to be future-ready. It will provide interesting and valuable insights on what trends participants expect will most impact their future client engagement, products, operations and technology platforms and what they envisage future industry leading firms will look like. We will publish this survey paper in a few months, but until then I hope you enjoy reading our Digest.

For more information, download: Orbium Wealth Management Digest: Accelerating to Future Success Models