It should come as no surprise—as you read this post on your computer or mobile phone—that our reliance on digital technology is growing with no signs of slowing. What does this mean for the European wealth management industry? In a word: opportunities—but only to those who take the time to understand just how the digital generation, or Generation D, investors want to do business with them.

We recently surveyed 1,200 individuals across seven European markets to gain a greater understanding of how investors are managing their finances digitally. What we learned was telling. For instance, we tested several assumptions about digital technology in wealth management: digital means convenience, not value; digital threatens the existing traditional model in wealth management; older investors aren’t receptive to digital technology. The evidence indicates otherwise.

Some of what we asked:

  • Where and how can digital be best incorporated into existing service models?
  • Do traditional interactions have a place in the wealth management relationship anymore?
  • How can firms differentiate themselves amongst other firms using digital?

Over the next several weeks, I’ll delve into the findings of our survey on European Gen D investors, and I’ll share some of the opportunities that await firms that strike the right balance between the traditional model and the digital model.

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