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The changing retirement recordkeeping landscape in the US

The defined contribution (DC) industry in the US has an important role to play in helping to solve a multitude of future retirement challenges faced by many Americans. However, the attractiveness of the recordkeeping business is waning for many providers: administration fees…

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Capital markets firms prepare to do battle for digital creatives

Creativity, color, and fun might not be the first words that spring to mind when you think of capital markets, but I think that’s about to change. The growing emphasis on the customer and employee experience is challenging our industry to bring…

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Think Big: the Metaverse’s B2B Opportunities

The Capital Markets industry should be recognised for diving in early into the Metaverse. Many firms are already looking or experimenting on how to enhance business-to-consumer (B2C) and employee experiences through leveraging this spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds and realities. And while…

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How your T+1 program could help pave the way to T+0

Today, capital markets firms in North America are mobilizing their efforts for the transition to T+1 settlement in 2024. With this deadline quickly approaching, any firm that hasn’t yet launched its T+1 program, should do so as a matter of urgency: a…

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Is your technology future-ready? Some thoughts to ensure it is.

What drivers are shaping the future of wealth management and advice across Europe? Our recent research study, Creating the wealth management firm of tomorrow, conducted jointly with PIMFA aimed to provide some answers. In the underlying survey, we asked C-Level industry executives…

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The shift in wealth management that needs to happen

“The global capital markets system is at an inflection point. More than ever, retail investors need a responsible capital markets ecosystem. The industry has an opportunity to address this need, and the time to begin is now.” The Future of Capital Markets:…

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Why Relationship Managers are more crucial than ever

In our recent report, Empowering relationship managers: The tools they need to succeed, we made the point that wealth management firms in Asia have set ambitious growth goals that most are unlikely to meet—unless, that is, they also tackle the productivity challenges…

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How AI could elevate financial advisor performance

As a firm and individually, we have been actively studying the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in wealth management—and more specifically how investment advice generated through AI is sought out and applied—for the past three years in its many different applications across…

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T+1 will be here sooner than you think. Get ready now.

The move to a T+1 settlement cycle in the US capital markets is now less than two years away. Currently being expected for Q3 of 2024, it’s a profound change that will see trades across several equity and fixed income products switch…

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Europe’s mass affluent market—a tough but rewarding nut to crack

European wealth management firms are being presented with a rare opportunity: the next wave of evolution and growth of the mass affluent market. While this could offer significant potential growth for these firms, realizing it will not be a simple matter. Clients…

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