As part of Accenture’s Top Ten Challenges for Investment Banks 2013, I’d like to share some thoughts on the current regulatory landscape. Last year, a number of prominent deadlines slipped, putting the pressure on banks to meet regulatory deadlines in 2013. Meanwhile, the sector has shifted its focus from interpreting the impact that regulations will have on business, toward how to implement changes to achieve compliance and drive a bank’s business strategy.

Drivers of an effective regulatory response

Despite the multitude of regional, national and international regulations, they have common themes that should be identified. This is the key for investment banks to run a globally efficient response—one that avoids unnecessary duplication. In addition to aiding compliance efforts, a theme-based approach can highlight competitive differentiators, including:

  • Effectively pricing capital, and funding costs, into pre-deal prices.
  • Understanding and optimising collateral.
  • Profits from the industry-wide price transparency in OTC

Join me next week as I focus on one of the primary themes of the regulatory landscape: capital.

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