We learn our manners when we’re young, and it often gets lost in the shuffle of business. Between deadlines and deliverables, it’s easy to overlook the simple things in life—like saying thank you.

After a recent product launch, a client e-mailed me and the internal executive sponsorship team to express thanks for a job well done. This made me really happy, not only for the thank you itself, but because I felt as though it elevated the team’s performance. It highlighted the human part of the equation, transcending the transaction-oriented nature of doing business.

Of course, our clients pay us for performance. I don’t dispute that. But acknowledging and rewarding the human part of business makes a huge difference. I work with teams that do highly technical, mission-critical work, especially where trading platforms are concerned. Hearing “thank you,” especially from a client, makes the team feel good and perform even higher.

I took that e-mail and circulated it among the executive sponsorship team at Accenture, so that the whole team got to celebrate in the moment. Sometimes it feels as though we don’t celebrate often enough—but when we do, it has enormous impact.

What do you think about the effect of “thank you” on a team’s performance? Also, do you think this should be a topic on a trading systems blog? I’d love to hear your thoughts.