Now that you Know your Clients, it’s time to reach them, the second critical step in Accenture’s three-step approach to building relationships and brand loyalty with current and future clients. But, financial advisors be forewarned, not just any method will do when reaching out to today’s and tomorrow’s digitally-connected clients (Gen D).

Step Two: Reach the Client

Gen D is a new generation with new expectations. Recognizing this reality, Accenture recommends wealth management firms and advisors:

  • Place a focus on channel integration, optimizing communication through digital, mobile and social channels and ensure that they remain relevant to clients.
  • Utilize a broad range of digital options for delivery of financial advice and education, including online communities, video series, online seminars and virtual media.
  • Tap into digital and social channels to collaborate within firms, share leading practices and sales force effectiveness.

Gen D clients are no longer satisfied with the traditional investor-advisor relationships, and advisors who capitalize on this knowledge will be able to make significant inroads with an investor segment that currently holds $27 trillion in assets.

Join me next week when I conclude this series with the third and final step to building relationships and loyalty with Gen D.

To learn more, download: Beyond Trust: Build lasting relationships and brand loyalty by delivering superior client experiences (PDF; opens in a new window).

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