We’ve never seen such a shift in the wealth management advisor-client relationship as we are seeing now. From the rise of millennials and women, to a tsunami of digital advancement, to fintech, the scenery is changing rapidly. More and more wealth management firms are starting to modernize their advisor toolkit. A common theme is that firms are looking more and more at cloud-based options to better serve advisors in a digital world.

The right advisor tools should be intuitive, informed and mobile. We know today that technology more than ever can make a difference to advisor business management and client interactions. Some firms might struggle however with where to start and what to build versus buy.

We can help navigate such decisions. We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful alliance of market leaders and innovators to provide our clients the best specialized skills and tailored solutions. Working with leading vendors like Salesforce, we are committed to understand where capabilities are headed in the near term and are ready to help you make Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and an up-to-date digital advisor toolset a reality.

To accelerate the change in the industry, Salesforce has introduced Financial Services Cloud[1] and we can help you integrate it within your business.  Advisors are one of your most important user groups and advancing their toolset is a top priority. Doing so within the confines of a modern digital platform, utilizing the resources inherent in your ecosystem of choice, is key to providing your advisors and clients with the digital tools they desire.

I recently worked with Rohit Mahna, VP and GM of Financial Services at Salesforce, on a series of three papers aimed at providing a more specific perspective on how firms can develop their own digital platforms and ecosystems. Doing so could accelerate the next wave of innovation to bring renewed focus to the advisor workforce as well as to a new breed of client. Download our three-part series focusing on the changing landscape in wealth management:

  • Accelerate the Next Wave of Innovation with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
  • Finding the Right Ecosystem
  • Building a Client-centric and Advisor-centric Platform

If you would like to discuss how to best utilize the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and how it can be part of a broader modernization of your advisor and CRM environment, please email capital.markets@accenture.com.

[1] http://www.salesforce.com/company/news-press/press-releases/2016/03/160308.jsp