Once you know your clients and reached out to them on their own terms, the framework is in place to execute Step Three in Accenture’s three-step approach to providing superior client experiences.

Step Three: Deliver the Experience

To deliver a superior, customized, client-centric experience to Generation D, Accenture recommends that firms and advisors:

  • Personalize collaboration tools and capabilities tailored to each client’s needs.
  • Offer customized, insightful and comprehensive advice across multiple channels.
  • Offer clients transparency into products and pricing.

Bringing tailored content, solutions and pricing to clients is only one half of the equation, however. Advisors will need the tools and capabilities to deliver. If firms are unable to meet advisor needs in the new omni-channel, digital and social age, they risk losing top advisors to a firm that can better accommodate them. What’s more, they risk losing clients to other firms that provide a more compelling client experience.

By adopting the three-step approach I introduced you to over the past couple of weeks—Knowing the Client, Reaching the Client, and Delivering a Superior Experience—firms can boost client loyalty and retention, while holding on to their top advisors.

To learn more, download: Beyond Trust: Build lasting relationships and brand loyalty by delivering superior client experiences (PDF; opens in a new window).

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