Now that we know that high performance is possible in asset management and we’re familiar with the models these firms are implementing, how can others achieve the same success?

Three-step assessment process

On the path to high performance, our analysis finds that asset management firms can begin with a three-step assessment process:

  1. Analyze the current state. Firms should look at their present performance and see how their existing strengths and capabilities match up with the operating models I described in last week’s post.
  2. Evaluate the gaps. Once the basic operating model is chosen, firms should then concentrate on the capabilities needed for successful differentiation using this approach.
  3. Make strategic choices. Firms will have to make tough decisions about which strategic paths to follow and how to invest for maximum impact. In some cases, it may be desirable to form a strategic alliance with another provider.

Whether you have $3 trillion in assets or $100 billion, independent or bank owned, asset management firms that want to achieve high performance will need to define a clear strategy and business model and execute relentlessly on that model.

To learn more, download High Performance Asset Management (PDF; opens in new window).