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Cloud Transformation

Ever-ready IT infrastructure

Learn how the Stabilize-Optimize-Transform approach can help IT departments face intense pressure to meet fast transformation deadlines while supporting ever-more complex tech.

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AI Leaders Podcast

The AI Leaders podcast features insightful conversations between Accenture leaders and guests from organizations at the forefront of AI, data, cloud, and analytics. In this episode of the podcast, Accenture’s Shail Jain talks with Arnab Chakraborty about the latest in data platforms. With digital transformations being accelerated, it is imperative to embed a data culture across the organization so that people believe and trust the data and believe in the power of this technology.

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Intelligent Operations

Marketing & Customer Experience

Fjord Trends: The New Fabric of Life

There are five major emerging trends & challenges that have significant implications for the year ahead that create a new fabric of life that’s good for people, business and the planet.

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The Great Marketing DeClutter

Decluttering marketing is paying off in a powerful trifecta. Marketers are doing more rewarding work. Customer satisfaction and lifetime value have increased.

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End-to-Endless Customer Service

Imagine service as a function so essential to your organization that it engages customers at every step of their journey—from learning and purchase to usage and, ultimately, repurchase.

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ESG Performance

Testing your sustainability DNA

To build a sustainable organization, businesses in Capital Markets should strengthen their “Sustainability DNA”—a set of management practices, systems and processes that shape new behaviors and decision-making capabilities.

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Change Conversations Podcast

Co-hosts Jimmy Etheredge, CEO – North America, Accenture; and Emmanuel Acho, FS1 Sports Analyst, former NFL Linebacker, and The New York Times Bestselling Author & Host, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, tackle tough topics with purpose-driven leaders who are shaping a more equitable future. Hear from these change makers and leaders who are making a difference.

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