As a wealth and asset manager, if Generation D isn’t a part of your daily vocabulary, it should be. That’s because this digital generation represents 75 million active investors with $27 trillion in assets. Undoubtedly, Gen D equals massive opportunities—but attracting, engaging and retaining this next generation of investors won’t fall into financial advisors’ laps. Wealth management firms and their advisors will need to employ very specific techniques for reaching these “always on” consumers, and not just any strategy will do.

Next week, I’ll delve into some focus areas for wealth and asset managers, but first, let’s understand why, when it comes to connecting with Gen D, managers will need to apply a new way of thinking:

Getting to know Gen D

Gen D investors are not differentiated by their age, but rather by their broad adoption of technology, especially their use of digital and social channels in almost every aspect of their lives. What’s more, Gen D investors are skeptical toward financial advisors, and when we look at the findings from a recent Accenture survey, it’s not surprising to understand why.

When Gen D investors do consult their financial advisors, a disconnect exists:

  • Advisors tend to overestimate the investor’s knowledge.
  • Advisors believe Gen D investors are more aggressive and less risk averse than they really are.
  • Advisors overestimate the strength of their advisor-client relationship.

Clearly, there is a significant gap between advisors’ perception and investors’ realities. So, how can wealth and asset managers bridge the gap with Gen D investors and attract, engage and retain them? Join me next week when I look at the four critical strategies.

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Connecting with Gen D: Attracting, engaging and retaining the next generation of investors

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