As leading publication “Advertising age” acknowledges, recent Accenture acquisitions in the design and innovation space “…indicate a focus on forging bonds with chief marketing officers.”[1] I know I have found it exciting to watch our organization invest in becoming one of the leading design and digital businesses.

The growth of this aspect of our services is timely. Increasingly, my clients are looking for help to create superior digital experiences for their customers and advisors. Our design and innovation consultancy team, Fjord, is often asked to help. Working with Fjord is an immersive experience and introduces new paths to value for our clients’ products and services. Fjord believes every engagement is unique and seeks out differentiation and disruption as a means to help clients achieve their ambitions.

Fjord is far from being all about style and no substance.  The team seeks out end-to-end digital transformation for clients, producing an annual in-depth study around the key trends that are impacting design and innovation today.  Take a look at the latest Fjord survey; I’ve summarized the key findings below:

  1. Listening technology is breaking the customer journey into a plethora of real-time, intent-driven micromoments.
  1. Smart technology is offering unprecedented views into who we are and what’s happening in our homes, our cars, and our bodies.
  1. Employees are expecting tailored experiences, fast evolution and personal connection in their careers.
  1. Apps have reached a tipping point, where they have shifted from being user-controlled to proactively powering a user’s life.
  1. With digital technology enabling highly scalable yet personalized experiences, unprecedented levels of luxury are now available to the masses.
  1. In areas such as giving the underrepresented a voice, there has been a great leap forward in terms of how some governments are thinking about the citizen experience.
  1. Measuring our wellness is opening up a new stream of revenue for individuals.
  1. Virtual reality is poised to make its mainstream debut in 2016.
  1. Choice is at an all-time high—there is a desire for people to take things off the “thinking list.”
  1. Design-led innovation may be the best way to claim sustainability.

If you are planning to address your digital advisory experience, I would be delighted to introduce you to our Fjord team.  And I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how the above trends are likely to affect your wealth management business and which strategies can be put in place to manage the changes successfully.

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