Over the past several weeks, you’ve heard that Asia Pacific presents a promising opportunity for wealth management institutions and learned more about six factors that are shaping the region’s wealth management industry. Today, I discuss how your organization can use this information to build an efficient and profitable operating model for these markets.

Seven features of an effective wealth management model

Wealth management institutions—whether local, regional or global—can improve their chances of success in Asia Pacific markets by ensuring their operating models incorporate seven key features:

  1. Tailored value propositions that reflect investors’ different needs and behaviors
  2. Diverse service portfolios featuring “sticky” products that can help wealth managers establish long-term client relationships.
  3. An integrated and innovative multichannel distribution strategy that increases digital sales and optimizes cost-to-serve ratios.
  4. Advanced analytical tools that provide deep insights into customer needs, relationship manager performance and profitability.
  5. Talented wealth managers that possess the technical acumen required to create bespoke client solutions, and the soft skills required to build and sustain strong client relationships.
  6. A holistic regulatory approach with strong data centralization, transparency, compliance reporting and governance.
  7. Efficient operations and a robust technology platform made up of modular and flexible technology.

To learn more, download New Wealth, New Opportunities: Building an Efficient and Profitable Operating Model for Success in Asia’s Booming Wealth Market.