From the Internet’s debut to the advent of smartphones, technological changes in the last few decades have completely transformed how we live, work and do business. The pace of change doesn’t show any signs of slowing, but what’s new is that we’re increasingly in the driver’s seat instead of just along for the ride.

What we found

For the start of the century, Accenture has been identifying emerging technology trends that hold the greatest potential to have a disruptive effect on businesses, industries and people. For our third annual Technology Vision report, we conducted a global survey of more than 5,400 business and IT executives across 31 countries around the world. We wanted to know how technology is impacting their organizations and understand their technology priorities in the coming years.

What we found is this: As technology becomes more sophisticated, it’s not the technology itself that’s driving change—it’s us. We don’t need to wait and wonder how the latest digital tech will play out in capital markets. We have the power to shape it and use it to redefine how we interact with our customers and employees. Here’s how:

  • Adapt technology to people—not vice versa. Capital markets firms need to reframe how they think about and design digital tech. People shouldn’t have to adapt to technology; your organization’s technology should be working for them. Today’s digital tools have more humanity than ever. They can interact with human users and leverage information gained during those exchanges to adapt for the future. Firms should ideally put that ability to good use.
  • Align your organization’s goals with your people’s goals. Most capital markets firms are programmed to enhance profit (rightly), and to convert customer interactions into sales as quickly as possible. But what if you could shift your perspective and adopt the goals of your customers and employees as aligned to your own? You could not only gain their trust and confidence, but you could also build strong and enduring relationships in the process. When someone is convinced that you truly want to help them reach their goals, it is likely you’ll be the first one they come to. Managing this pivot is key to growth and technology can be used to enhance the multiplier effect.
  • Take a “people first” approach to business and tech. When it comes to technology, capital markets firms should fully adopt a ‘people’s needs first’ approach. By empowering people in an interactive and collaborative way, organizations could not only facilitate personal and professional growth, but in the process their own growth too.

As the role of technology in capital markets continues to evolve, firms have an opportunity to turn customers and employees into allies. Join me next time for a closer look at five digital trends that could play an important role in that transition. In the meantime, visit the Accenture Technology Vision 2017 website to learn more.